Paranormal prep is a podcast about the paranormal and supernatural.
It is the Academy for Supernatural Studies.

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  It was created with the focus to teach and discuss the paranormal through personal experiences and research through field investigations.

If you have unexplained paranormal experiences this is the place for you.  Paranormal Prep will help you decide what type of haunting you have or are experiencing.  From apparitions, mists, orbs, shadows, or darker presences, you will be able to decide for yourself if its really a haunting or through the process of elimination and physics if its just your plumbing.  

From a paranormal investigation stand point, I cover equipment, evidence review, personal encounters and locations.  I will teach you what it takes to be a paranormal investigator and what you need to succeed in the field.

So join me and my guests and lets talk about that haunted house of yours.

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